Vision and Innovation at the Core

At Ensōlab, we are deeply committed to the belief that innovation, driven by mindfulness, simplicity, and ethics, not only benefits our clients’ businesses but also has a positive impact on society. Our vision is anchored in the pursuit of innovation with the goal of making a lasting impact on the digital world. We believe that true innovation emerges from a synergy of cutting-edge research, practical application, and unwavering ethical principles.

Our mission is to harness the power of knowledge to develop solutions that advance our clients’ businesses and contribute positively to the well-being of society. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, constantly exploring new ideas and challenging conventional thinking, while ensuring that our innovations are both effective and accessible.

By staying true to our core values, we aim to inspire a new wave of technological advancements that are sustainable, inclusive, and forward-thinking. At Ensōlab, we are committed to fostering an environment where ideas and creativity can flourish, and where every innovation is a step toward a better future.



Our journey from December 2021 has been marked by significant milestones that showcase our commitment to advancing cybersecurity technologies. From securing initial funding to the successful deployment of Ensō-i in beta environments, each step underscores our dedication to setting new industry standards.

//December 2021

01 The Beginning

Establishment of the company with the desire to create a computing framework that could solve complex, real-world digital problems. This framework would become a cornerstone for the advancement of modern technology.

//January 2022

02 The Investment

Initial seed funding obtained to kick-start the company’s growth.

//May 2022

03 The Creation

The company successfully established its office in the prominent Business Bay area of Dubai and commenced its operations.

//August 2022

04 The Innovation

Development of Ensō-i began, and a comprehensive plan for conducting a Proof of Concept (PoC) was formulated.

//December 2022

05 The Expansion

The company underwent a period of expansion, resulting in its current size of eight members. Additionally, the organization is currently undertaking research and development activities.

//March 2023

06 The Progress

Currently in the process of acquiring beta customers to initiate the deployment of Ensō-i, while also finalizing the drafting of the PCT documents.

//June 2023

07 The Optimization

The Ensō-i PoC has been developed and is ready for deployment in the beta customer’s environment, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure expected performance.

//September 2023

08 The Reward

US Patent Application # 18/207,664 gets officially awarded on the 4th of September. This intellectual property milestone firmly establishes the company’s stronghold in innovative technology solutions.

//Our Team

Massood Mohammed : EnsoLab


Massood Mohammed

Masood is a dynamic tech entrepreneur with a diverse professional background. He has an exceptional aptitude for computer hardware and network engineering. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Masood assumed pivotal roles in private offices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where he refined his skills. Subsequently, he served on the board of a Chinese-based company, where he deepened his understanding of technologies. Now, as the founder of Ensōlab, an innovative tech company, Masood offers a unique global perspective and an innovative problem-solving approach that fuels his success in the industry.

Dipnaeayan Guta : EnsoLab


Dipnarayan Guha

Dip, an electronics and computer engineer, boasts over 20 years in R&D and tech commercialization. He’s collaborated with Fortune 500s, research labs, and startups across sectors like government and defense. An IEEE Senior Member, he’s a co-inventor of a US patent and has co-authored 6 peer-reviewed papers. Additionally, he successfully established a leading Australian professional services firm.

Oliver Meyer : EnsoLab


Oliver Michael Meyer

Oliver is the CEO of Löwenfels Partner AG. He has over 20 years of experience as executive expertise including senior vice president for simulation training, chief information officer at RUAG and head of information technology at Ascom group. Oliver is highly affiliated with both technical and technological sides of the management and business.