Uncover Hidden Threats with AI

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Ensō-i predicts and neutralizes cyber threats before they materialize. It represents a leap forward in proactive digital defense, offering businesses a dynamic shield against evolving digital dangers.

Ensō-i is a standalone cybersecurity solution that enhances an organization’s security posture by providing comprehensive scanning, real-time threat detection, backdoor identification, and proactive security measures, all powered by AI and machine learning technologies.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Ensō-i is a standalone solution designed to identify and neutralize threat classes and attack vectors as they occur, ensuring your organization’s IT infrastructure remains secure.

Comprehensive Scanning

Our advanced agent continuously scans your organizational IT infrastructure and custodial data, providing round-the-clock surveillance.

Backdoor Identification

Detect hidden backdoors that may have been implanted by cybercriminals, safeguarding your systems against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Proactive Security

By identifying threats at runtime, Ensō i allows for immediate response and mitigation, minimizing potential damage and downtime.


Ensō IoT Secure

Protect Your Digital World

Ensō IoT Secure is a cybersecurity solution that offers preventative, proactive protection for IoT devices and networks. It is designed for simplicity and practicality, with preemptive protection and customizable configurations to fit various user needs and environments.

Preventative Cybersecurity

Our solution offers a proactive approach to security, safeguarding users, their networked devices, and their personal information from potential threats.

Simplicity and Practicality

Designed with the user in mind, Enso IoT Secure is easy to implement and manage, providing effective security without complexity.

Pre-emptive Protection

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with our advanced algorithms that detect and neutralize risks before they can cause harm.

Device and Network Agnostic

Whether you’re using a smartphone, a smart home device, or any other IoT gadget, our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, regardless of the device or network type.

Customizable Configuration

Tailor Ensō IoT Secure to your specific needs and environment, ensuring optimal protection that aligns with your lifestyle.


Post-Quantum Cryptography

Future-Proofing Your Security

In the face of advancing quantum computing technology, Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) is essential to ensure the continued security and integrity of sensitive data. Our PQC solution is designed to provide robust protection against the potential threats posed by quantum computers, ensuring that your organization’s cryptographic systems are future-proofed.

Our Post-Quantum Cryptography solution offers a comprehensive approach to upgrading your organization’s cryptographic systems to withstand the challenges of the quantum era. By leveraging advanced algorithms and strategic implementation, we ensure that your data remains secure against both current and future threats.

By adopting our Post-Quantum Cryptography solution, you can safeguard your organization against the emerging threats posed by quantum computing, ensuring the long-term security of your data and systems.

Industry-Specific Evaluation

We assess the unique needs of your organization within your industry to ensure a tailored approach to upgrading your cryptography systems.

Safe and Efficient Implementation

Our experts recommend strategies that prioritize both security and efficiency, ensuring a seamless transition to post-quantum cryptography.

Comprehensive Protection

Utilizing our proprietary product, we provide a solution that fortifies your systems against various side-channel attacks, including:

– Timing Attacks (Remote)
– Power Attacks
– Electromagnetic Attacks
– Fault Attacks

Focus on Post-Quantum Security

Our solution is designed specifically for systems undergoing post-quantum cryptography upgrades, ensuring your organization stays ahead in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.


Advanced Compression Algorithm

Leverage the Power of Our Custom-Designed RNG

Our solution is a standalone software that seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, optimizing data management without the need for extensive modifications. By leveraging our advanced compression algorithm, organizations can reduce storage requirements while maintaining data integrity, transforming their data management strategy.

By adopting the Ensō Advanced Compression Algorithm, organizations can leverage the power of our custom-designed RNG to achieve superior data efficiency, transforming their approach to data storage and management.

Based on Our Designed RNG

The core of our solution is a custom-designed random number generator, which ensures exceptional efficiency and reliability in compressing data.

Optimized Data Management

Implementing advanced data management techniques, our solution enhances storage efficiency and access speed, streamlining your data handling processes.

Standalone Software Solution

Our compression algorithm and data management techniques are available as a standalone software solution, offering easy integration into your existing systems.

Experience Enhanced Data Efficiency

With our advanced compression algorithm, you can significantly reduce storage requirements while maintaining data integrity, revolutionizing your data management strategy.

Experience Enhanced Data Efficiency

With our advanced compression algorithm, you can significantly reduce storage requirements while maintaining data integrity. Discover how our solution can transform your data management strategy today.


Technology Unleashed

Our innovative technology network includes the True Random Number Generator (RNG), Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM), and AI/ML capabilities, offering a robust defense against cyber threats and enhancing digital security across the board.


True Random Number Generator

This innovative technology harnesses the power of distributed computing to generate high-quality random numbers by pooling entropy from multiple sources across a network of devices. Each device contributes a partial seed, derived from its unique entropy sources such as hardware characteristics, environmental conditions, or user inputs. These partial seeds are then combined using a randomly selected operator function to create a robust and unpredictable combined random seed. The final random values generated from this seed are of exceptional quality, offering enhanced security and unpredictability for a wide range of applications, including cryptographic operations, and simulations,. By leveraging the collective randomness of multiple devices, this technology provides a secure and reliable solution for generating random numbers in a distributed computing environment.


Hardware Transactional Memory

Our innovative system leverages hardware transactional memory to ensure the secure management of system resources. By continuously monitoring the utilization of resources by applications, the system can detect and prevent potential security threats, such as unauthorized intrusions or compromised applications. One of the key features of this system is its ability to generate true random numbers, which are crucial for maintaining security in various applications, including encryption, secure messaging, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security. This technology is designed to provide a high level of security, scalability, and performance, making it an ideal solution for protecting IT infrastructure from cyber threats.


AI/ML Capabilities

A proactive security solution designed to protect IT infrastructure by identifying and preventing the execution of compromised applications. It operates by analyzing the characteristics of new applications against a database of known safe applications. When an application deviates significantly from the norm, it is flagged as potentially compromised. This early detection system stores information about these discrepancies to continually improve its accuracy and efficiency in identifying threats. This innovative approach ensures a robust defense against evolving cyber threats, safeguarding your IT environment.


Ensōlab’s Patent-Powered Advantage

Discover our patent-powered technologies that revolutionize system resource management, integrate machine learning with cybersecurity, and provide groundbreaking random number generation services.

Patents Granted and Pending


Managing resources of a system based on hardware transactional memory

Fundamentally changes how system resource utilization is monitored and allocated across multiple computing system units.


Learning-based protection of information technology infrastructure

This breakthrough integrates machine learning with cybersecurity, offering adaptive, real-time defenses against evolving threats.


Systems and methods for generating random numbers across multiple entropy services

Multiple devices generate partial seeds based on entropy sources, which are combined by a first device using a randomly selected operator function to produce a combined random seed, ultimately generating random values.